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Tom Coughlin thinks Beckham has become 'distraction'

Last week Odell Beckham Jr.'s current coach called him out. This week his former coach agreed the receiver is becoming a distraction.

Ex-New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin told CBS Sports Network's We Need To Talk on Tuesday that he'd like to help the frustrated receiver.

"He is a good kid. He is a team guy in the team room. It's just when he gets on the field, there's only one way he knows how to play," Coughlin said, via "I would love to try to help him in this regard because I think so highly of him, but for his own good (he needs to calm down) because he is a distraction. If you watch a game, the camera is on him the whole time."

Beckham's frustration boiled over in two straight weeks. He threw a tantrum on the sideline against the Washington Redskins and earned an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty versus Minnesota.

On Tuesday, Beckham told ESPN he's "not having fun anymore" on the football field. That fun will come when the winning starts again.

Frustration for athletes is nothing new. The book on Beckham now is to get physical early and try to rattle his cage. The move won't always destroy his production like it did Monday night, but it does seem to enhance his vulnerability.

In the end, teammates would likely rather have a fired-up player like Beckham who so badly wants to win he can't contain the frustration when things begin to spiral.

Coaches (current and former), however, believe his antics are starting to impede winning.

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