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Tom Brady on Ray Lewis: 'Everyone has an opinion'

We're one day removed from Ray Lewis' butterfly theory.

The former Ravens linebacker and current ESPN analyst caused a stir Wednesday when he told SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio that the tuck rule -- a reference to the 2002 playoff game between the Patriots and Raiders -- is the only reason we know who Tom Brady is.

Brady, currently preparing for his ninth AFC Championship Game, was made aware of the comments by a Patriots team employee. He wasn't about to thicken the plot.

"Everyone has an opinion," Brady said Thursday, according to "I think Ray is a great player. He's a first-ballot Hall of Famer. I was fortunate enough to play against him."

Lewis took to his Twitter page to provide further context to his comments, which came as part of a larger rant against rules he believes have unnecessarily complicated what he calls a simple game.

This makes more sense. Lewis has spoken of his respect for Brady in the past. In fact, he called Brady "the greatest of the greats" during an NFL Network "Top 100" countdown segment in 2011.

In truth, it sounded like Lewis got himself fired up and lost track of the plot while attempting to make a greater point. Both men will survive this.

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