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Tom Brady on if he'll play against Jets: 'We'll see'

The rush at your local strip mall is enough stress on this Black Friday. Don't add to it by wringing your hands over the status of Tom Brady.

The Patriots quarterback, who is officially questionable for Sunday vs. the Jets with a knee injury, was back at practice Friday just a few hours after coach Bill Belichick snarkily addressed his quarterback's condition in speaking with reporters.

"We'll list Tom [Brady] on the injury report like we always do, like everybody else," Belichick said Friday. "Is that the answer you were hoping for? ... OK, good. I don't want to disappoint you."

Though that didn't shed much light on Brady's knee health, it's encouraging for Patriots fans to see Brady back on the field, even if he did give a "we'll see" answer to the question of whether he'll play Sunday.

Perhaps during his down time he was busy devising a Thanksgiving menu free of strawberries, among other foods banned according to his fountain of youth diet. We won't know for sure until injury reports are released, but then again, this is the same franchise that consistently listed Brady on the injury report with a phantom shoulder issue week after week, year after year. With Belichick, nothing should surprise us.

Tight ends Rob Gronkowski (lung) and Martellus Bennett (ankle/shoulder) are both questionable as are receivers Julian Edelman (foot) and Chris Hogan (back), per the official injury report. Wide receiver Matthew Slater (foot) is ruled out.

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