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Tom Brady not putting timeline for decision on future

Tom Bradyplans to play a 21st NFL season. Where he'll play threatens to be the biggest story of the offseason.

With the quarterback set to hit free agency, questions will linger about whether the GOAT has played his final down for the New England Patriots.

Brady told Jim Gray in an interview on Westwood One, which aired Saturday, that he's not putting a timetable on his plans.

"The contract things, a week after the season, I would say these things haven't even started to pick up. It's really not my concern at this point," Brady said, via ESPN. "It's been about decompressing and resting my mind a little bit and resting my body and spending time with the people who have supported me over the last six months."

Brady is set to be a free agent on March 18. He reiterated his plans to continue playing for at least the third time since the Pats were eliminated from the playoffs by the Tennessee Titans a week ago.

"I love playing football. I love playing for this organization. I really don't know what it looks like moving forward, and I'm just taking it day to day," Brady said when asked about Robert Kraft's comments this week that he hopes TB12 plays for the Patriots or retires. "We are a week removed from the end of our season. There is a lot of time to figure these things out. I don't think any player or team is ready to make any commitments at this point, and I'm sure as the offseason progresses those things will take care of themselves."

It's nearly impossible to imagine Brady wearing any jersey than a New England No. 12. However, the ultimate decision might not be in the QB's hands, if Bill Belichick and the team deem it time to move on from the iconic 42-year-old signal-caller.

Brady understands the interest in his future. But the continued questions won't hasten his decision-making process.

"I can only say how I feel, and that's what's the truth to me and what's authentic to me," he said. "And I have no decision that I have made, and there won't be for some considerable time. So I know there is speculation; there always is. That's just part of being in professional sports; that's part of being a professional athlete.

"When people aren't talking about this season, they want to talk about next season, and the reality is that next season is quite a ways away. I have some other things that are happening at this time. Like I said, spending some time with my family, my loved ones and giving them the time they need. And then as people begin to plan for next season, like I said, these things will take care of themselves."

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