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Tom Brady not concerned with revenge vs. Colts

The offseason of mayhem surrounding the New England Patriots, Tom Brady and deflated balls began following the AFC Championship Game victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

The sides meet again this Sunday in Indianapolis.

It feels like the entire Boston area is seething for revenge on the Colts, who complained about the Patriots, kick-starting the overblown saga.

Brady, however, downplayed the matchup, telling WEEI-FM on Monday that he considers it just like any other game.

"We're gonna do what we do every week," Brady said, via "We're going to prepare as hard as we can, like we always do, and we're going to try to win a game. We're gonna try to score every time we touch the ball, just like every other time in every other game. It's no different this week than it was last week or the week before.

"The better the execution is, the more points we'll score. Obviously as an offense, your objective is to go out there and score points. It's not to run out there, run a few plays and punt . . . We're gonna go out there and try to play our very best. That's what it's going to take."

Brady was asked if it's OK to want some sort of revenge on the Colts -- a seemingly normal human response. The Pats quarterback, however, dismissed that line of thinking.

"The way to do that is to go score as many points as possible, and that takes a lot of execution and communication with teammates in practice so that's what I'm focused on," he said. "That's what I'm focused on every week. I think it's be a disservice to Mr. (Robert) Kraft and Jonathan (Kraft) if I didn't do that every week. I think I've tried to be very consistent over the course of my career on my attention to detail, my level-headedness, my poise. I think that's been a real positive for me.

"Now that we're playing the Colts, for example, it's not like, 'Alright, let's change now.' Look, we've had a good thing going for a long time, and it has to do with all things that are football related, and things that are about our poise, our discipline, our execution. That's what wins football games. Not what you say or what your talk is or the predictions you make. Those things don't really matter in the end."

Brady, like always, says the right things. His play -- and reactions -- on Sunday night will display his true feelings.

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