Tom Brady joins Boston Celtics in Kevin Durant pitch

The Summer of Kevin Durant (and eye-popping free agent contracts elsewhere) is in full swing in the NBA, but Saturday reached a new level of unusual thanks to the inclusion of one notable professional athlete.

While teams such as the Houston Rockets were bringing in stars past and present to coerce free agents to sign on the dotted line, the Boston Celtics took it one step further.

They unleashed Tom Brady.

According to a post by Reddit user dbrxx, Brady was seen in the Hamptons alongside the Celtics' recruitment team, which appeared to include general manager Danny Ainge, center/forward Kelly Olynyk and guard Marcus Smart, among others. It's the latest example of an NBA team pulling out all the stops, but the first to cross sports.

Then again, in New England, Brady isn't just another football player. And on Saturday, he was a quarterback in fashionable white pants who was ready to wield his charm with the hopes of altering an entire league to which he doesn't even belong.

Of course, as Ainge has shown via his footwear selection, Boston teams aren't worried about limiting their extravagance when trying to attract top talent. We'll see how it plays out.

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