Tom Brady apologizes to Josh McDaniels for outburst

Tom Brady's Week 13 sideline outburst drew plenty of attention during the the days that followed.

On Saturday, the quarterback apologized to the person at whom the eruption was directed.

"One thing I do want to say first, I want to apologize to (offensive coordinator) Josh (McDaniels) for last week in Buffalo," Brady said before taking questions during Saturday's media availability. "I know our coaches work really hard. They're responsbile for putting us in a great position to succeed, so I just want to get that off my chest."

The sudden overflow of emotion was chalked up by some as part of the game. When a reporter asked Brady if that was true, he agreed, but didn't want the display to negatively affect public perception of his relationship with his coaches -- especially with the play-caller.

The air is clear and New England is, of course, on to Miami. The Patriots (10-2) sure seem primed for another win against the Dolphins (5-7), who are floating toward the end of the season with no clear indicator of whether they're headed up or down. Brady is 7-8 in Miami for his career, though, the most losses in one place in his career outside of his home city of Foxborough, so an extra effort to smooth things over couldn't hurt.

Of course, we know this is entirely about public perception. Whatever possible rift between the two that existed probably evaporated within minutes after the altercation. Things get heated, players get frustrated -- especially when the league's best offense is forced to settle for three points early in a divisional game. This apology was Windex and a rag for Brady's and New England's image. Everything's well atop the Throne of Ease.

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