Todd Gurley on his health, upcoming season and the NFL draft

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Todd Gurley

Running back, Los Angeles Rams

Born: Aug. 3, 1994

Experience: One NFL season

Interview by Brooke Cersosimo | April 27, 2016

That I rushed for 1,000 yards and made it to the Pro Bowl as a rookie. I mean, that was just shocking for me just because I was just trying to get back on the field last year. God allowed me to get back on the field, and I was able to have a season that I did.

Once you get drafted, there's new goals you have to set and prove everybody right or wrong. You have to work hard and have fun.

I'm not really a big goal guy, though. My thing is to be the No. 1 rusher and my teammates and linemen will definitely try to help me to get that.

It meant a lot [to be the first running back selected in the 2015 draft], especially to be the first time a running back was taken in the first round in two or three years. That was definitely a good feeling to get that back, and hopefully we can keep that going again this year.

I was like, "Aw man. Thank you, Coach Fisher, for drafting me." It was definitely a proud moment for sure. I was definitely excited.

Being the first running back picked and Jameis being the first quarterback, we were the FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Draft. This year, FedEx will donate $2,500] to the Red Cross chapter in the city where the [first QB and RB are] drafted. It's pretty cool.

[Former Georgia teammate Keith Marshall] is a playmaker. He's a guy who can change the game in a heartbeat, definitely very explosive and fast. It's hard for guys to catch him. Whoever gets him is going to get a great player for sure.

Ah man, Leonard Floyd is a beast. He goes hard every day and practices with intensity. Even playing in the game, he does a great job. This year, they switched him around and he played a little "Mike" and outside 'backer. When he's coming off that edge, he's a force to be reckoned with.

Whoever we take [with the No. 1 overall pick], the coaches will help him adjust. Just help him out and whoever we get, if it is a quarterback, he'll know a lot more than I do. I just need to protect him with pass protection and take some of the load off him.

Last year, we let about three games slip away from us, you know -- San Fran, the Ravens and Minnesota. We have to definitely finish those fourth-quarter games. We have to make plays and no excuses.

My thing is to try to make the playoffs. We fell short a couple games last year, so that's the goal for me.

I'm so far ahead. Last year at this time, I was just straight-line running and now I'm doing change-of-direction drills. I'm definitely a lot further than I was last year.

I can't give my secrets away too early. I don't want people preppin' for me. I'm excited to get back out there and make more plays with running or passing. I want to step my game up without the ball.

Sometimes when you see a hole open up real fast, you don't even finish your footwork. It's just like, Alright, let me get through this hole before it closes. Just gotta make a play. But that's a good feeling, though, because you don't see many big holes in the NFL like that.

D-linemen [hit the hardest]. I don't know, but being a running back, I feel like every hit is about the same. I don't know of one person. Hopefully, I don't find that out, either.

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