Todd Bowles: Jets need help from 'football gods'

Two weeks remain in the regular season and the playoff hunt continues to heat up. However, New York Jets coach Todd Bowles claims he isn't paying attention to the playoff race.

"If the football gods deem that we are worthy, and somehow we win these last two games, maybe we will, maybe we won't (get in)," Bowles told reporters on a conference call Monday. "But you can't worry about it because you can't control it."

The Jets secured their ninth victory of the season on Saturday after a 19-16 win over the Cowboys. After the Pittsburgh Steelers overcame a 17-point deficit to defeat the Denver Broncos, the Jets' chances of clinching a wild-card spot became slim.

But they have two AFC East foes left on the docket: the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills. In order to keep their hopes alive, the Jets will need a win over the Patriots on Sunday, plus a loss from either the Broncos, Chiefs or Steelers.

Leading up to the Jets' Week 7 contest, Bowles shied away from the hype surrounding the matchup. This week, Bowles is taking a different approach as it's a must-win game for his 9-5 squad.

"It's a different feeling about the game," he said. "It's not necessarily the Patriots, it's just about the position we're in as far as giving ourselves a chance to make the postseason. We have to give ourselves a chance. It doesn't matter who we're playing this week; it would be an important game (regardless)."

One could say that Sunday's tilt with the Patriots is the biggest game of the first-year head coach's career. Bowles isn't buying it.

"The biggest game of my career? Hopefully, I have a long career and have bigger ones to go over," he said. "So I don't worry about that."

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