Titans' Dean Pees on Super Bowl: 'It was gorgeous'

Most of the millions of Super Bowl observers decried the NFL's annual spectacle as a boring dud. Not all, however, viewed the New England Patriots' 13-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams through such gloomy glasses.

For defensive-minded personalities, like Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Dean Pees, it was the type of performance he strives to emulate each week from September through February.

"It was gorgeous," Pees said, via the team's official website. "The only thing better than that would have been 6 to 3."

There is a pig for every sty.

Super Bowls like Sunday's automatically lead to coos about how "defenses win championships."

"I was told the top 11 (scoring) offenses in the NFL (all time) have never won a Super Bowl," Pees said. "That's an interesting stat. ... That speaks to defense."

Pees' stat is correct. In this case, however, it also eschews the fact that the top four offenses in the NFL in 2018 made it to the conference championships.

The prevailing idea should ultimately be that the greatest teams win championships. The Patriots have been the best team this entire millennium, which is why Tom Brady needs two hands to house his Super Bowl rings.

To be a great team, one must employ a good offense, good defense and good special teams. An inadequate group can sink any NFL ship.

Pees believes the Titans are on the verge of becoming a championship-level defense.

"I think we are very close," Pees said.

Pees -- who noted he feels "great" after a health issue hindered his season -- guided Tennessee to the third-ranked scoring defense in the NFL in 2018. His defense ranked eighth in total defense, sixth versus the pass and 18th against the run.

There are still holes on the Titans' D, including a burgeoning need for an edge rusher. Heading into free agency and the draft, Pees is hoping general manager Jon Robinson gives him a few more toys to play with in 2019.

"I don't want to speak for Jon, but defensively we're always looking for the toughest, fastest, meanest guys that we can find that are coachable, good off the field and play within the rules, all those things," he said.

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