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Titans CEO: Team to discuss anthem with Jurrell Casey

Tennessee Titans president and CEO Steve Underwood says Jurrell Casey may not understand the NFL's national anthem policy since the defensive end will not be fined by the NFL if he protests on the field.

Casey told CNN at an NFL promotional event in London this week he was prepared to "take a fine this year" when he resumes protesting against social injustice during the national anthem before games. Underwood said he doesn't know why Casey suggested he'd be fined for his actions.

"I think our head coach Mike Vrabel] and general manager [Jon Robinson] are interested in having a conversation after he gets back from the United Kingdom," Underwood told reporters Thursday, [per Joey Garrison of The Tennessean. "We think there may be some misunderstanding on his part. Because the new league policy does not provide anywhere that fines are made against players. If a player doesn't stand, the teams can be fined, but not the players.

"There are two things that can happen that are considered to be legitimate under the policy: stay in the locker room or you can stand respectfully during the anthem. And it doesn't apply just to the players; it applies to every employee of ours. So, we're not exactly sure why he suggested that he would, as he put, 'take his fine' because there will be no fines levied against him."

Under the new rules, individual clubs have the power to set their own policies to ensure the anthem is being respected during any on-field action. The NFL has the power to fine teams found to be in violation. Teams also have the ability to fine players, per the policy.

It's unclear whether the Titans would fine the veteran defensive end if the NFL fined the franchise for his actions during the anthem.

Casey told CNN his protests in 2018 will be a "continuation" of what he did last season when he raised a fist during the playing of the anthem.

"... It is what it is, I ain't going to let them stop me from doing what I want to do," Casey told CNN. "If they want to have these battles between players and organizations, this is the way it's going to be."

Underwood said the Titans aren't disappointed with Casey after his remarks.

"He made those comments overseas," Underwood said. "We haven't had the opportunity to talk to him about what he said. But no, we're not disappointed. He's one of our starting players."

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