Titans adapting offense to fit Marcus Mariota's skill set

During the pre-draft process, many wondered how the skills of Marcus Mariota would translate from the spread offense he worked in at Oregon into a pro system.

After selecting the quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick, the Tennessee Titans have been consistent in their message that the signal-caller has the talent and intelligence to start from Day 1 in their scheme.

Speaking on NFL Network's Path To The Draft on Monday, Titans general manager Ruston Webster reiterated that coach Ken Whisenhunt and his staff have already begun the process of tailoring their offense to fit Mariota's strengths.

"Our coaches have been working on a plan for quite some time now for Marcus," Webster said. "Really to adapting our offense to his skill set -- he has a special skill set. There's really not much he can't do from physical standpoint and he's very bright. That combination is going to allow him to do his own adapting to the NFL game but our coaches have worked very hard on coming up with a system within our system for Marcus. I think it will work well."

The Titans believe Mariota will be fine taking snaps under center and reading defenses, despite not being asked to do so in college.

NFL Media's Albert Breer noted Monday that according to personnel people he talked to, certain players coming out of spread systems like Oregon are easier to project than others, such as Baylor prospects.

It's noteworthy for Webster to mention the Titans will adapt facets of their offense to Mariota's skills. To do otherwise would waste aspects of what makes the quarterback so dynamic and what caused coaches like Chip Kelly to attempt to move up the draft to snag him.

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