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Timmy Jernigan builds snowman, late for meeting

Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan was born in Florida and played college football at Florida State. This week marked the first time the rookie had ever seen snow.

Jernigan decided to have some fun with the flakes from heaven and build his first snowman with the help of team employees. However, the project caused him to be late for a defensive meeting on Wednesday.

Coach John Harbaugh wouldn't say whether or not Jernigan was issued a fine for being tardy, but it didn't sound like he was too worried.

"It's all good, he had a fun time," Harbaugh said, per The Baltimore Sun. "He had never seen snow before. ... It was just fun watching him enjoy it. He was like a little kid."

Jernigan didn't finish the snowman and when he returned it was gone.

"Somebody knocked over his snowman, of all things," Harbaugh joked. "What kind of a person?"

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