Thomas Davis: Get this 'clown' Harrison off the air

Rodney Harrison isn't afraid to be frank.

Harrison, who played for the New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers during his 15-year career, joined the The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday.

Harrison initially said he had no problem with Cam Newton's touchdown celebrations but the former safety eventually sounded off in a controversial tangent.

"The defense is different from when I came in the league back in '94, the mentality is different," Harrison said. "You let a quarterback score, you let him dance, and you see it time and time again on film. If I was playing against Cam Newton, I would try to take him out. I would try to take him out."

Harrison added, "I would try to hurt him. I would go right for his knees. That's the goal. You want to knock him out -- that might be the difference between winning and losing the Super Bowl."

As expected, Harrison's comments were not well received in the Panthers' locker room. Linebacker Thomas Davis took to Twitter to weigh in.

After Josh Norman was informed of Harrison's comments, the cornerback fired back, reminding Harrison of one of the worst losses in his career.

"You would have to ask (David) Tyree about that one," Norman said per the New York Post. "Remember (No.) 85, when he caught it over his head? Rodney's been saying a lot of things this year, he really has. To comment on something like that ... I don't know."

This isn't the first time Harrison and Norman have engaged in a beef this year. In December, the two went head-to-head after Norman said Harrison, who is now an analyst for NBC Sports, is "horrible at his job." Norman didn't balk at the opportunity to defend his teammate ... and to throw another jab at Harrison.

"It's something I don't think this game would want," Norman added regarding Harrison's comments on Newton. "I don't think it's something the Panthers would want, and I know it's nothing that me, as his teammate, would want. I don't want it to happen, period."

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