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Things I Learned in Fantasy Football: Week 5

Takeaways from Week 5 as told through @MarcasG's tweets.

I predicted during the preseason that LeSean McCoy wouldn't have a double-digit fantasy game in the month of September. Now that we've turned the calendar to October, McCoy finally breaks through the 10-point ceiling. The most encouraging part was the 27 touches he had in the game. It's enough to revive a little hope that McCoy is startable going forward. A matchup against the Texans underperforming defense means you're not necessarily chasing the points by starting him again next week.

Hill finished the game with 87 total yards on six touches but 36 of those yards came on one big catch. After two nice games to start (259 yards, three TDs), Hill is struggling to get to double-digits. A big problem is that for all of the matchup problems he creates, he doesn't see a ton of touches every week. That forces him to do a lot with little opportunity. If he doesn't rip off a big play or get in the end zone, your chances of getting a big total aren't great.

Look, I don't know if this is the start of a trend or if the Broncos defense just went AWOL for a day ... but it happened. Some of it was thanks to Isaiah Crowell having a huge rushing day and opening up the play action. But maybe this is just part of Sam Darnold's maturation and his increased comfort level in the offense. Next week, the Jets are at home against a Colts defense that offered no resistance against the Patriots last week. I know no one will confuse the Jets and Patriots offenses but what I'm saying is ... Colts.

Maybe the bigger point is that Rashaad Penny is definitely NOT a thing anymore. The rookie didn't see any offensive snaps while the duo of Davis and Chris Carson carved up the Rams run defense. What's encouraging is that both backs were very productive on Sunday. With Leonard Fournette possibly missing another week and the Saints running backs on a bye, both Davis and Carson should be interesting additions to your starting lineup -- especially with the Raiders up next on the schedule.

But then there's this. Doug Baldwin's return from injury has left a lot to be desired. Last week's 5/41/0 (on seven targets) was disappointing enough. This week, Baldwin followed it up with one target, one catch, one yard. Before the season, Baldwin admitted that his lingering injury issues could keep him at less than 100 percent all season but after consecutive duds, you have to wonder just how much he's slowed by his balky knee. Next week's game against the Raiders could offer more clarity.

I still don't have a clue what the Cardinals are doing offensively. They ran a paltry 49 plays -- 20 of which involved David Johnson having the ball in his hands. That's good. What's better is Johnson scoring a pair of rushing touchdowns. What remains supremely frustrating is watching Arizona use DJ mainly as an outlet receiver out of the backfield or banging him into the center of the offensive line with minimal success. I had hoped that Josh Rosen's ascendance to the starting job would mean better days for Johnson. I remain optimistic but I eventually need the Cardinals' offensive coaches to come along for the ride.

When the dust settled, Gurley ended up with a pretty nice 113-yard day but the three touchdowns really put him over the top. There's really no need to go deep into the analysis here. I just want to remind you that Todd Gurley is still really good and has totally rewarded everyone who spent a No. 1 overall pick on him. In fact, it's really hard to call someone drafted in the Top 3 a draft bargain -- but if you got him some time after the first pick, he might be just that.


C.J. Uzomah had 43 receiving yards -- all coming after the catch

Kenny Golladay had more receiving yards (98) than the rest of the Lions combined (85).

Packers RB snaps: Jamaal Williams - 31; Ty Montgomery - 28; Aaron Jones - 22

And one for the road...

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