The Locker Room Podcast: Super Bowl Champion Shaun O'Hara on life as an NFL center

Michael Robinson and Brian Billick welcome Shaun O'Hara to the show to discuss the glamorous life of an NFL center. You know that Shaun helped Eli Manning and the New York Giants become Super Bowl 42 champions, now find out how the quarterback-center duo overcame a sweaty situation en route to the Lombardi Trophy (4:28). Coach Billick reveals the real reason behind the shotgun snap's proliferation (7:15) and MRob and Shaun tell us why if you're not first (to the stadium on game day), you're last (8:05). Shaun answers the age old question, "Why are centers so weird?" (10:40) and reveals just how weird some centers can get (13:25) and breaks down the process of communication between QB and center (15:14). MRob with his take on guards who bypass defensive linemen to block defensive backs and Shaun on why MRob doesn't get to call them out (16:30).

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