The Locker Room Podcast: Life as a Rookie Receiver with Justin Jefferson

Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver Justin Jefferson stops by to tell Brian Billick and DeAngelo Hall what it was like during and after a breakout Week 3 performance when he tallied 175 receiving yards (1:46). He explains the role veteran wide receiver Adam Thielen played in welcoming him to the NFL, and in explaining what to expect from professional defensive backs (6:41). Plus, how his quick connection with Kirk Cousins was built (8:01). Find out where Justin says he stacks up against LSU wide receiver greats like Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry (10:28), and which veteran defender talked the best trash this year (12:50). Not willing to rest on rookie success, Justin tells us where he needs to improve in his sophomore season (17:29), and what celebrities reached out to congratulate him on his early success (18:46). Finally, the origins of The Griddy dance are exposed (20:23).

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