The Locker Room Podcast: How the NFL stands for Not For Long

Brian Billick and DeAngelo Hall explore the constant change in the NFL, and DHall lets Coach Billick know about his conversations with Al Davis ahead of getting cut after nine games with the then-Oakland Raiders (1:10). Billick and DHall then tell stories, and explain how a coach can lose a locker room, like what the Philadelphia Eagles are going through right now (2:50). Coach shares his experience of being let go from the Baltimore Ravens, and DeAngelo reflects on what felt like constant turnover during his time in Washington (6:15). Plus, the guys talk about the fine line about paying players or letting them leave (10:55). Or in Houston Texans' Deshaun Watson's case, what to do with an unhappy star player which reminds DeAngelo about his departure from the Atlanta Falcons (13:00). Then they turn their focus to what's going on with the Pittsburgh Steelers; how a team can have all the critical pieces but fail to deliver (16:10). Finally, Billick and DHall take a closer look at the change on the field particularly with the evolution of the mobile quarterback (18:35).

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