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That Helps No One Week 8: Brate Scott! Who is that?

On any given NFL weekend, many different players score touchdowns. Most of them are your standard fantasy football superstars, owned in every league. But others come out of nowhere to vulture touchdowns or beat a third-string cornerback repeatedly for a career-day. In fantasy, these are our That Helps No One champions. The players whose success leads to the imminent demise of countless fantasy teams. All season long, we'll be tracking and crowning a That Helps No One winner each week on NFL Fantasy LIVE. Below are the top candidates for Week 8.

Normally, we wouldn't be upset with anyone scoring in the Chiefs offense, but in a week where plenty of owners used Alex Smith as a spot start at quarterback, De'Anthony Thomas scoring on a jet sweep-like play was particularly painful. Why couldn't that have been the typical Alex Smith no-yard pass instead? Oh well.

What's a Spencer Ware and what is he doing on an NFL roster? That's the biggest mystery here.

Some bold owners might have started Jeff Cumberland at tight end in a pinch because the Jets were playing the Raiders. So naturally Kellen Davis had to score the random touchdown because ... Jets. Sigh.

I'm not going to lie, I know most NFL players (it's my job, after all) but I had to google Brate on Sunday. Here's what I found out: He came into the league in 2014, and bounced between the Buccaneers and Saints. He is from Naperville, Illinois, attended Harvard University and has the ability to sport an impressive pirate-quality beard.

Tight ends never do anything in Bruce Arians-led offenses, so naturally a tight end that has played on average roughly 13 snaps a game in 2015 caught two touchdown passes. Ugh.

What ever happened to Travis Benjamin?

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