Texans cancel meetings so players can attend George Floyd's funeral

The Houston Texans will not hold virtual team meetings next Tuesday, June 9, so players and staff can attend the funeral of George Floyd if they are able, coach Bill O'Brien said.

Floyd, 46, whose death last week in Minnesota sparked nationwide protests, was a Houston native.

O'Brien plans to attend Floyd's funeral.

The coach spoke at length Wednesday about race in the United States. O'Brien said he's had multiple conversations with quarterback Deshaun Watson and receiver Kenny Stills, who joined Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem to help bring awareness to social injustice.

"Listening to their life stories, and many others, like I said, has helped me cement my belief that we all must do what it takes to improve our country, especially as it relates to race relations," O'Brien said, via ESPN. "It is horrendous what we are seeing and what we saw eight or nine days ago. What is great about our country right now is to me, the protests. The peaceful protests. The peaceful protests that we see on TV every night [have] just been an amazing example of what our country is all about."

O'Brien added:

"We stand by you, and we are ready to do our part in this community. I think everyone has to admit their mistakes along the way. We all have to stand up and understand that what is going on in this country right now is wrong. It's wrong. Relative to many, many things.

"It's not just police brutality, although that's what we're talking about right now. It's corporate America. It's professional sports. It's the medical area. It's the legal area. We all have to do our part. We all have to do it now.

"It's 400 years ago, slavery. It's segregation. It's police brutality. It's not equal opportunities. It's so much deeper. ... And we have to stand with the black community and we have to heed the call to action and challenge each other to live out the change that we want to see. I'm emotional. ... I'm sad. I'm frustrated because I'm questioning, 'What can I do?' I've got to do more."

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