Terrelle Pryor would like Browns to hire Hue Jackson

The Browns finished a four-hour interview with Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson on Sunday, but according to NFL Media columnist Michael Silver, no offers have been made.

Terrelle Pryor, assuming he remains on the next incarnation of Cleveland's roster, is hoping that changes.

"Every day when I woke up (in Oakland), I was like, 'man, I get to go to work,'" Pryor, a former Raider and Bengal under Jackson, told Cleveland.com. "I wasn't even playing in 2011 when Hue was head coach, and you don't always feel a part of things. But Hue made it fun every single time."

He added: "It would be great choice, I can tell you that."

Jackson's player-first attitude seems to be the major draw across the board. He was beloved in Cincinnati, and in Oakland during his one-year stint as a head coach. In Cleveland, though, it may go a step further in aiding the organization's transition under new heads Sashi Brown and Paul DePodesta. Though the new regime will not be as scary as some think -- we've outlined the power structure quite thoroughly here -- a charismatic coach can go a long way toward bridging the gap.

Jackson's creativity would be useful in Cleveland, though it would be extremely helpful just about anywhere at this point -- that is why Jackson's dance card is so full at the moment. As Silver notes, Jackson is still expected to draw interest from the Giants as well.

It would be a shock if the Browns ended up pulling down the hottest head coaching candidate on the market, but stranger things have happened. Pryor is hoping that his lucky day will come, as he tries to hang on to his NFL dream.

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