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Teddy Bridgewater: Comments about Panthers' practice habits 'taken out of context'

After one up-and-down season in Carolina, Teddy Bridgewater is trying to turn the page in Denver.

The journeyman quarterback was present at Broncos OTAs on Monday, less than a month after the Panthers traded him, their 2020 starter, to the Mile High City for a measly sixth-round pick, opting instead for Sam Darnoldunder center.

But following his first practice in the white horse helmets, Bridgewater couldn't escape his time in Carolina when speaking with reporters, particularly remarks he recently made criticizing how Carolina practiced.

Teddy took the time to clarify his feelings toward his former club and coaching staff.

"I'm in Denver, man. I'm not here to discuss anything about last year. It's a new season," Bridgewater said, per the team transcript. "I said what I said a couple weeks ago, and, of course, it was taken out of context, thinking I was talking bad about (Panthers offensive coordinator) Joe Brady. Joe is my guy. He takes after that. He's a South Florida guy and I'm rooting for him. I'm in Denver, so I don't have to speak much about last year. It's a new year with a new team. We have new goals, so I'm looking forward to coming together and being the best Denver Bronco I can be."

In an appearance two weeks ago on the "All Things Covered" podcast, Bridgewater observed that the Panthers and their first-year coaching staff didn't practice two-minute or red zone offense in 2020 and that the team needed to change its approach this upcoming campaign. As a result, according to ESPN stats, Bridgewater generated a QBR of 62.6 in two-minute offense (26th in the NFL) and completed only 58.5% of his passes in the red zone in 2020.

Not that Carolina's practice habits are any of his business any longer. Bridgewater must also come into 2021 with a new approach, as he enters Denver not as the surefire starter as he did in Carolina last season, but in a competition with third-year player Drew Lock. Teddy's mind is on the task ahead of him, not the practices behind him.

"It is what it is honestly. I'm in Denver now and I'm excited about my opportunity that I have here," Bridgewater said. "I've got nothing but respect for those guys in that locker room -- Joe Brady and some of those guys. I'm excited to be in Denver and looking forward to what's in store for me in Denver."

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