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Ted Ginn: 'I give all my success to Cam Newton'

Don't look now, but the Carolina Panthers' championship-caliber defense is matched with a championship-caliber offense.

After Sunday's 38-0 whitewash of the Atlanta Falcons, Cam Newton and Co. took the NFL lead in scoring at 31.6 points per game (411 total points; the Cardinals are second with 405).

It's not just random blowouts that have the Panthers averaging the most points in franchise history. Carolina has scored 20-plus points in every game this season.

Not only are they putting up prolific numbers, they are doing this all with Kelvin Benjamin out for the season and a receiving group that was a punch line three months ago.

After snagging two first-quarter touchdowns -- 74 and 46 yards -- Ted Ginn Jr. knew where the praise should go.

"I give all my success to Cam Newton. Without him, there is no Ted Ginn," he said, via the Charlotte Observer. "I can't say that vice versa. But we really, really have a nice thing going right now."

Newton put on another MVP performance Sunday, tossing the ball just 21 times (completing 15) for 265 yards, three touchdowns, zero interceptions and a career-high passer rating of 153.3.

Many fools in the anti-Cam MVP discussion will point solely to the quarterback's stats, as if football is played on a piece of paper. Well, here are some stats from the last seven games, when Newton has hogtied the MVP race: 62 percent completion percentage, 255.3 pass yards per game, 19-3 TD-INT ratio, 112.5 passer rating and three rushing touchdowns.

Without Newton, the Panthers aren't undefeated. Without Newton, the Panthers aren't close the the highest scoring team in the NFL. He might not be everyone's perfect quarterback, but there is no denying he's a winning quarterback. Every week Cam makes plays to get his team the W and throws that leave your jaw gaping:

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