Talk of GOATs, unicorns ahead of Brady-Rodgers II

Brady-Rodgers II sells itself.

There is no need to brandish fiery quotes or dig up overcooked beefs to get jacked for Sunday night's matchup in New England. Two of the greatest of all-time at the most important position in sports will be duking it out on the field to see who can put up the most points. No extra hype needed.

As such, the Packers and Patriots have taken turns this week genuflecting towards one another in advance of the game.

Aaron Rodgers wants everyone to know that no matter the outcome, Sunday's game is no referendum on the Greatest Of All-Time debate.

"I let you guys worry about those types of conversations," Rodgers said Wednesday, via "I think that's end-of-career conversations. ... I'm just worried about winning right now. He's got five championships, so that ends most discussions, I think."

Rodgers, 35, also acknowledged that Brady playing at an MVP-level into his 40s changed the game for aging quarterbacks. The Packers QB noted, however, that just because TB12 can play that well at 40 doesn't mean we should expect everyone else to perform likewise.

"I think to some extent, definitely he has]," Rodgers said, [per NBC Sports Boston. "But Tom... He's an outlier. He's a unicorn. There's not many like him."

To summarize: Rodgers: Brady is the GOAT and a unicorn.

We need a new word. GOATicorn? UniGOAT? UniGOATcorn? G-unicorn? UGOAT?

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