TA The Locker Room Podcast: Wade Phillips returns for defensive deep dive

Michael Robinson and Brian Billick welcome Wade Phillips back to the show. Coaches Wade and Billick tell stories about the marital stresses placed upon those in the coaching profession (1:47), before digging into some gridiron talk. Coach Billick recounts the first time he met Wade, it involves a keg of beer at midnight (3:35). Who came up with 11 and 12 personnel terminology? It was Coach Wade (5:03), which isn't surprising when you discover the techniques his father came up with (7:06). Techniques that MRob claims are the foundation of everything he knows about football. Coach Wade reveals the secret of greatness: the great ones always believed they could be better (10:47). Speaking of great ones, find out why Reggie White's 21-sack season in '87 is even more impressive than you think (11:21). Coach Billick gives Wade something to consider with a question. What's the best defense he ever had (12:35)? And just how hard is it for defenses to be great today (15:35)? MRob asks Coach Wade if he's ready to retire from retirement (19:59).

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