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 TA The Locker Room Podcast: Marshawn Lynch joins the show

Michael Robinson welcomes his friend and Super Bowl winning teammate Marshawn Lynch to the show. Marshawn kicks things off with the truth about his Subway commercial. Is it really him rolling around in that tire (2:21)? Plus, how he's teamed up with Subway to support young athletes with the Pro Teen Awards (3:24). Find out how MRob and Beast Mode's friendship started over dinner with Mike's mom (8:59), as well as over not paying attention in the huddle (9:39). And what happens when you don't pay attention? MRob and Marshawn fill you in (11:01). Relive the Beastquake with the man who caused it and the man who had to go out on kickoff coverage right after it (14:35). Can calling someone an "overachiever" really cause a two year grudge? Yes (17:29). Lynch weighs in on the future of RBs in the NFL (19:55) and on the importance of young players seeking off-field advice from their team's OGs (23:45).