TA The Locker Room Podcast: Chris Long joins the show

Michael Robinson and Brian Billick welcome two-time Super Bowl champion defensive end Chris Long to the show. Long kicks things off by raising the bar on locker room pranks not once, but twice (2:18). What was it like to grow up in a football family with him as a dad (5:55) and then follow in his footsteps (12:01)? How a phone call kept Chris from becoming a Cowboy and instead led him to a Lombardi Trophy in New England (14:45). Coach Billick wonders what the move from New England to Philly was like (18:15). Then it's Super Bowl story time: From an incredible comeback win in Super Bowl 51 (19:55), to the inside scoop on the Philly Special (28:35). Speaking of Philly, did Doug Pederson get a raw deal (31:00)? Plus, what it felt like for Chris to become a Walter Payton Man of the Year (32:27).