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Super Bowl XLV (2/6/11) - Quotable from NFL GameDay Final on NFL Network

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"You get the ultimate gratification out of a win like this. It's a dream come true. You play this game to get a ring, you play this game to be praised on Super Bowl Sunday with your teammates. And for us to do it in the situation and the attack that we were able to come out here and do it with, we overcame a lot of situations and a lot of adversity."
-- Greg Jennings on winning Super Bowl XLV

"We understood they had the experience. We never cared about the experience they had. We knew that they would have to show up and play on Sunday. And when you have a certain dynamic of unity - a team like we have, a team that is going to pull together in spite of experience or lack of - you know that you have a chance in any game and we were able to come out and prove it here today."
-- Greg Jennings on if experience played a factor in the game

"We've had two weeks to prepare for this. I knew that play was coming. I told my [defensive end] to spin it, I'm wrapping around the edge. We got a fumble and we turned it into seven points. That's the difference in the game right there."
-- Clay Matthews on forcing the fumble by Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall

"The team went out there and did what they needed to do. Today was like a microcosm of our whole season. We've been decimated by injuries all year but guys have continued to step up and go out and get the job done, and they did it today. [We] got off that field late in that game with a big stop, and I'm a world champion."
-- Charles Woodson on winning the Super Bowl despite leaving the game with a broken collarbone

"I'm sure any quarterback that's played in the league [will tell you] if you have the opportunity to sit and learn, especially behind a great quarterback in Brett Favre, it definitely helps you. He was prepared when his opportunity came about, he runs an offense [where] we put a lot of responsibility on him all three years. I put it all on him tonight and basically just said let me keep my foot on the gas, you stay disciplined and that's the way we operated. He did a great job and that's why he's the MVP."
-- Mike McCarthy on Packers quarterback and Super Bowl XLV MVP Aaron Rodgers

"Way off. You don't play well early and it's on my shoulders. I didn't play well and that's the reason we dug ourselves a hole."
-- Ben Roethlisberger on how far off the result was from the one he envisioned

"I haven't quite had the time yet, but I think once I get into the locker room and take the pads off it will start to set in that this is one end point of an amazing journey so far. I'm just so blessed to be in this position with a great organization behind me, incredible teammates to work with, great group of men. So much character in that locker room. I hope this isn't the end. I hope we get back here but I'm going to enjoy the hell out of this one."
-- Aaron Rodgers on his journey from Brett Favre's backup to Super Bowl champion

NFL GameDay Final* Analysts on Super Bowl XLV*

"Playmakers make plays not just going at the quarterback, not just intercepting the ball, but causing fumbles like this at key moments."
-- Michael Irvin on Packers linebacker Clay Matthews causing a fumble at the start of the fourth quarter

"The balls they dropped were touchdowns, long touchdowns. So if you talk about the day Aaron Rodgers had, it could have been a spectacular day had those balls been caught and taken the distance."
-- Michael Irvin on the dropped passes by the Packers wide receivers

"He's your leader. Emotional leader, you're physical leader and you're team captain."
-- Deion Sanders on Packers cornerback Charles Woodson, who left the game with a broken collarbone

"What you have to become in order to be a championship football team is] a football family. Certainly the [Green Bay Packers are just that. They are a football family. They go through the injuries, they stay together. They come out here and face adversity and they get closer. This team did an incredible job facing adversity and coming through it, just like they did all year."
-- Michael Irvin on the Green Bay Packers

"All the injuries, the 16 injured reserve guys, where they had the next man up philosophy all season probably benefited them today because their leaders on both sides of the ball outside of Aaron Rodgers - Charles Woodson on defense and Donald Driver on offense - they get hurt in the first half. But this team didn't blink, they just kept playing and stepped up and away we go. Super Bowl win."
-- Steve Mariucci on the Green Bay Packers

"That's when you know a player is great because his timing is always impeccable."
-- Deion Sanders on Packers linebacker Clay Matthews forcing a fumble at the beginning of the fourth quarter

"With three turnovers and the Packers didn't have any, they still had a chance to go down the field and win this game at the end. That's how competitive this Steelers team is. Now, they're going to be favored to go ahead and win this division again [with] all of these young receivers. Ben [Roethlisberger] won't miss the first four games, they will get on a rhythm right away."
-- Steve Mariucci on the Pittsburgh Steelers

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