Super Bowl XLIX: What to watch for between the lines

While Super Bowl XLIX will be infinitely entertaining in its own right, many will argue that the real entertainment happens when the game's not on the screen. That's right, we're talking commercials. Here's a quick look at what to keep an eye on in between the plays on the field:


After the AFC Championship Game, the Patriots underwent an investigation that determined 11 of the 12 game balls had been two pounds less inflated than they should have been. Naturally, the Patriots couldn't make it to the Super Bowl without being embroiled in some sort of scandal (real or fake). How will this effect the game/coverage, if at all? It'll certainly be worth keeping an eye on.

Player to watch: Marshawn Lynch

Beast Mode has been receiving constant attention from the media, much to his disdain. Most recently, he was threatened to be ejected (by the NFL) from the NFC Championship Game for wearing gold cleats, which are not part of the approved uniforms, apparently. He came back around and played a tremendous game. If there's one player to watch before, during and after the big game, it's Lynch. Here's to hoping that if this is his last game in Seattle (as many seem to believe) he goes out with a bang.

Skittles "It will be settled" ad reveal

Despite Marshawn Lynch's affinity for the multi-colored candy, neither he nor any other celebrity will make an appearance in the Skittles ad. Skittles released a short teaser (which you can watch here), setting the stage for their Super Bowl ad. Unlike most brands, however, they won't reveal the ad ahead of time. The teaser features a bunch of people with one severely swollen arm apparently answering the bell for some sort of competition. It's the right arm of every character, which would lead me to believe this is some sort of arm-wrestling contest. Let's hope Skittles has something more clever up their sleeve than just that! Be sure to keep an eye out for this one during each commercial break.

Anheuser-Busch "Puppy Love" sequel

Last year, Anheuser-Busch set the internet on fire with their commercial portraying an adorable friendship between a puppy and a Clydesdale. This year, one of the spots they will air is titled "Lost Dog" and will continue the story they started in 2014. It might be wise to have some tissues handy just in case. Here's last year's spot if you need a refresher:

Doritos fan-created spot

I love how Doritos crowd-sources their Super Bowl spot each year, as it gives a bunch of creative, talented individuals the chance to have their work shine in the spotlight. This year, they're airing two spots: the top fan-voted spot, and one of Doritos' choosing. You can view the 10 finalists and vote for your favorite HERE. I think my current favorite is "Trouble in the Back Seat." Tell me which ones made you laugh the most @AlexGelhar to keep the discussion rolling.

New "Jurassic World" trailer

So far, the major studios have been relatively quiet on what trailers will be airing during the Super Bowl. Not surprisingly, Universal Pictures (part of NBC-Universal -- NBC is broadcasting the game) will be airing a new trailer for their upcoming blockbuster "Jurassic World" starring Chris Pratt. I'll try to update this piece as more news rolls out. In the meantime, please enjoy this amazing fan mashup called "Jurassic Parks and Recreation":

Katy Perry's halftime show

Whether or not you enjoy Perry's musical stylings, her performance should at the very least be entertaining. Her live performances have always been filled with crazy costumes, colors, pyrotechnics, lights and choreogrpaphy. Plus, she's trying to recruit a high-powered co-star such as Lenny Kravitz or Pharrell Williams. Last year, Bruno Mars brought in the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so we'll see who answers Katy's roar and joins her at halftime on February 1 (sorry, had to include at least one pun in here).

For a more complete breakdown of the major companies who have purchased air time during Super Bowl XLIX, check out Business Insider's comprehensive guide.

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