Steven Jackson wants to play for a winner

Michael Vick isn't the only aging veteran hoping for one more shot at the NFL.

Former Rams and Falcons running back Steven Jackson made it clear this week that he'd like to keep playing if the right team comes calling.

"That's the thing," Jackson told "I have all the things I've accomplished personally, but I've still never been on a team that won more than eight games. That would be definitely one of the things that I'm looking for is that opportunity in my next chapter."

Jackson's desire is completely reasonable: His team has lost nine or more contests in all but three of his 11 NFL seasons.

"I don't want to go to a team that is rebuilding and needs me to come on and teach guys how to be professional," Jackson said. "I've done that. I've been more than vocal about wanting to help young guys, but at some point I have to be a little selfish. I want to be part of a winning team because when I do hang up my cleats, I can see a lot of people holding that over my head when a lot of it was out of my control."

Jackson has always used his 6-foot-3, 229-pound build to his advantage, but the 31-year-old's lateral running ability is gone. Drawing scant interest on the open market, S-Jax acknowledged that he's "fully aware" this might be the end.

No longer a player able to pick his landing spot, Jackson will sit and wait to see if one of the league's better clubs come calling.

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