Steve Smith tells Panthers to mow his lawn in Carolina

The last time sideline cameras captured Steve Smith's antics, the Baltimore Ravens star was vowing revenge on his former team in Week 4.

As Smith was burning the Carolina Panthers for a pair of first-half touchdowns, Showtime's Inside the NFL caught him figuratively putting a nail in the Panthers' coffin. Then he provided the requisite soundbite:

The NFL's baronofbraggadocio lobbed a few more barbs at his former employer, telling reporters after the game that he ran around Panthers defenders "like they were schoolyard kids."

Smith explained to WFNZ Charlotte on Wednesday that he had extra incentive after NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported last week that he asked for his release and refused a pay cut with the Panthers.

"To build a case or leak stories that are inaccurate or that I forced something," Smith said. "That's unfair."

The veteran wide receiver also took issue with former coach Ron Rivera's handling of his breakup with the organization.

"He didn't come to me man-to-man," Smith said, via WFNZ's Chris Kroeger. "He said he's a player's coach ... He hid in his office."

On pace to shatter the record for most receiving yards in a season by a wide receiver age 35 or older, Smith was robbed of the AFC Player of the Week award by the league's boxscore drones.

Smith will get his revenge when his bust is unveiled in Canton -- complete with an oversized chip on the shoulder.

See more of Steve Smith's performance against the Panthers on Inside the NFL tonight at 9 ET on NFL Network.

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