Steve Smith wants a piece of Panthers in Week 4


When the Carolina Panthers paid Steve Smith to go away after 13 seasons as the best player in franchise history, the iconic wide receiver promised there would be "blood and guts everywhere" in his first showdown with his old team.

After generating his most receiving yards in 20 games last week, NFL Turning Point caught Smith on film sending the Panthers another unmistakable threat.

"Hey, if you (expletive) think I can't play," Smith exclaimed, via Black and Blue Review, "you're gonna find out in Week 4, (expletive)!"

The Panthers, of course, travel to Baltimore in Week 4.

Smith's 118 yards in the season opener were 44 more than he had in any game last season. He's already more than halfway to his 2013 total of plays over 20 yards. He's leading the NFL with 15 targets. Clearly there's plenty of life left in his 35-year-old legs.

On the Around The NFL Podcast's Season Kickoff Preview, we predicted that Smith would end up leading the Ravens in receiving yards this season. Following through on a vow to make his former team pay would help one of the most dominant receivers of his generation reach that goal.

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