Stafford to ref on PI: That's unbelievable, you know it

Matthew Stafford might have been semi-composed when he addressed the media following the Detroit Lions' 24-20 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. But he was wholly agitated immediately following the picked up pass interference flag with just over eight minutes remaining.

The quarterback was wired for sound for Showtime's Inside the NFL, which re-airs tonight on NFL Network at 9 ET. After the flag was picked up, Stafford approached referee Pete Morelli, visibly perturbed.

"Hey, Pete, that's unbelievable. That's unbelievable and you know it," Stafford said. "... You know it is, though."

Stafford continued his perplexed talk as he walked to the sideline as the Lions prepped to punt.

"How does that get overturned? How does that get overturned?" he asked, seemingly to no one in particular. "Hey that's unbelievable. ... Congratulations. It's unbelievable."

On the sideline, Stafford approached several officials to seek enlightenment on picking up the flag.

"Can I get explained that one? ... Can we explain that or no?" Stafford asks, exasperated. "Just flat-out overturning a pass interference call?"

An official explains the call as face guarding to Stafford, which is legal in the NFL. The quarterback, clearly, doesn't like that reasoning.

"I understand, but your man saw it and threw a penalty," Stafford said. "... I understand that. ... But I've never in the history seen one turned over. Congratulations, man. First time in history that's happened."

The Lions already have the Calvin Johnson Rule (process of the catch), the Jim Schwartz Rule (throwing challenge flag on unchallengeable plays) and if the NFL decides to allow reviews on these types of penalties they'll add another arrow to their rule-naming quiver.

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