Stafford Family pledges $1M parting gift for Detroit education center

On their way out of Detroit, the Stafford Family is leaving behind a parting gift.

Matthew and Kelly Stafford pledged $1 million to help build a new education center, in conjunction with SAY Detroit, a nonprofit founded by journalist and author Mitch Albom dedicated to aiding students from low-income households overcome literacy inequalities and educational challenges.

Kelly Stafford detailed the meaning behind the gift in a lengthy Instagram post.

The donation will help build "The Kelly and Matthew Stafford & Friends Education Center" in Detroit's Lipke Park, per the Detroit Free Press. The new education center plans to include six classrooms, learning labs, vocational training space, and an auditorium.

"Kelly and I have spent 12 years here and wanted to make sure that we left on a high note and leave something to come back to," Matthew Stafford  told WDIV Detroit. "We want to come back and be a part of this city for a long time."

Stafford will be traded to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for three draft picks, including two first-rounders, and former No. 1 overall pick Jared Goff. The deal can't be officially completed until the new league year on March 17.

The $1 million donation is just the latest generous gift from the Stafford family in their 12 years in Detroit.

"It's something that we can be proud of, something we can come back and visit, and also something that hopefully teaches our daughters a lesson down the road," Stafford told the Free Press. "That if you're blessed with the ability to give back, you've got to do it, and you should feel great about doing it. If you have the opportunity to change somebody's life, even one kid's life, you should do it."

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