Simmons: Tony Romo said he has at least 4 years left

In an era when quarterbacks are talking about playing well into their 40s, Tony Romo has no plans to hang it up anytime soon.

The Cowboys passer turns 36 in April, but recently told HBO's Bill Simmons that he plans to play at least four more seasons. Simmons unveiled Romo's timetable during a chat with his pal, Cousin Sal, on The Bill Simmons Podcast.

"I look forward to the bidding war for Romo (for post-career television work), because there is a 100 percent chance ... If I were him, I don't know whether I'd want to do games or studio," Simmons said, per "I think I would want to do games."

"What are we talking about?" asked Cousin Sal. "He has four years left. He's going to win a Super Bowl. Don't worry about this."

"He said that," Simmons replied. "He said he has at least four."

And why not?

Three of four starting quarterbacks this weekend are over 35, capping a season that just saw old-as-the-trees Matt Hasselbeck start eight games for the Colts.

Broken bones and back issues have plagued Romo's career of late, but he'll enter next season with a clean bill of health and a desire to wipe away the memories of a lost Cowboys season.

Even if Jerry Jones drafts a young quarterback or finds a reliable backup through free agency, Romo isn't about to lose his job to Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin III or Fill-In-The-Blank. The Cowboys have a franchise arm for as long as Romo is able and willing.

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