Should you add C.J. Anderson over Montee Ball?

There's less than a month before the fantasy playoffs begin. Your margin for error is shrinking. The degree of difficulty is increasing. The Fantasy Football Audibles are here for you.

Wouldn't it be nice if John Fox just came out and told us how he planned to use his running backs this week? Of course that's not going to happen and it seems likely that Denver will roll with the "hot hand approach." Ugh. This is where I suggest rolling the dice a little bit. C.J. Anderson looked fantastic last week -- I know it was against the Raiders -- and we've seen Montee Ball be outperformed by his understudies before. Considering how unimpressive Ball looked before his injury, it could happen yet again. Regardless, this could be a short term situation if Ronnie Hillman really does return in two to three weeks.

The Broncos defense seems to be the new hotness after dismantling the Raiders last week. Now they roll into St. Louis to face a Rams offense that continues to be a rudderless ship on a rushing river. Then again, the same could be said of the Tennessee Titans attack that the Pittsburgh Steelers will visit in Week 11. The difference is that the Steelers have had a troubling trend of playing down to their opponents this season, losing to the Buccaneers and Jets while struggling to pull out a win over the Jaguars. Pony up and start the Broncos.

Mark Hand once told Barbarella ... in some things, the old-fashioned ways are best after all. That applies in the case of two veteran tight ends doing big things this season. But for as good as Greg Olsen has been in 2014, there are some real problems in the Carolina offense right now. You can debate whether the blame lies with Cam Newton or the offensive line, but the bottom line is that the Panthers are having a hard time getting the ball to their playmakers. Not so with the Chargers. The Raiders have been the cure for what ails struggling quarterbacks. Look for Philip Rivers to shake off his recent poor play and connect with his pass-catchers ... including Antonio Gates.

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