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Sean McVay: Pleased with where Todd Gurley's at

As it relates to the health of Todd Gurley, all is going according to plan for the Los Angeles Rams running back -- a plan coach Sean McVay and he came up with to get him back to full-strength.

Gurley's been present for organized team activities in Thousand Oaks, but is not taking part in on-field practices.

"He hasn't [taken part in on-field drills] right now," McVay said at Tuesday's press conference. "That was what we felt like was best for Todd when Todd and I sat down and it's been really good so far and we feel good about that."

Gurley missed the last two regular season games of 2018 with a knee injury and then took on a more limited roll in the playoffs which culminated with nary 11 total touches in the Rams' bitter 13-3 Super Bowl loss to the Patriots.

A saga regarding his injury travails has continued, but McVay said Gurley is on a plan for recovery that has been discussed between the two and is now being carried out through the offseason.

"We've been really pleased with Todd," McVay said. "He's done some different things with Travelle Gaines and some of those trainers. But then he's also been here consistently pretty much every single day of the weeks and he's been an active participant, following the program that we've implemented with him and we're very pleased with where Todd's at right now."

Right now it would seem is all about taking things slowly as Gurley heals a knee that he and the Rams tried to downplay throughout their Super Bowl run.

Gurley's spring workload is a departure from seasons past, but once again, it's all according to plan.

"Yeah it's different than years prior] and that was really what we felt like when we sat down at the end of the year and developed a plan that's best suited for Todd getting ready for the [Carolina Panthers, but then also taking into consideration being ready to go when training camp rolls around," McVay said. "And I think some of that also had to do with us just playing a lot longer than we had in previous years.

"Really sitting down with [senior director of sports medicine and performance] Reggie [Scott], sitting down most importantly with Todd and talking through those things that was a plan that we've kind of laid a while back and that's what's been followed so far."

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