Sean Lee: Dez needs to 'hold himself accountable'

While Dez Bryant continues to search for his next NFL squad, he remains focused on his former team.

On Friday, the veteran wide receiver took issue with comments made by Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones, responding with his signature fire on social media.

"Here we go with that scapegoat [expletive]," Bryant tweeted, adding that the Cowboys' struggles last season came down to "garbage [expletive] play calling."

Jones told SiriusXM NFL Radio that quarterback Dak Prescott had a "tough" 2017 season due in part to Bryant getting "in his ear." In addition to rejecting Jones' assertions, Bryant redirected the blame at former teammates, namely linebacker Sean Lee.

"[Expletive] was a planned to get me out," Bryant claimed on Twitter, "ask Travis [Frederick] and my brother snake Lee I mean Sean Lee."

Bryant's comments didn't go unnoticed at Cowboys training camp, though Jones said mostly complimentary thoughts about his team's former wideout.

"[Bryant] knows what we think of him," Jones said. "Obviously these are tough times in terms of how this has turned out. Dez is thinking about his future. And certainly not easy on anybody. No one knows more about what I think of Dez than me and it certainly didn't intend to be negative."

Lee, meanwhile, took a decidedly different approach when asked about Bryant's tweets.

"First thing, to say that I can get anybody off the team and have any input on the roster is absurd," Lee said following Friday's training camp practice. "Second thing, I love Dez and I want the best for him. To be honest, we did butt heads because I wanted Dez to be more accountable to this team and his teammates. To be honest with you, a lot of the team felt that way. I think he needs to look at himself and hold himself accountable. Thank you."

Not long after Lee's comments made it to air, Bryant took to Twitter again, saying the linebacker "sounds like a backstabber to me."

The Cowboys released Bryant back in April. The three-time Pro Bowl receiver visited the Baltimore Ravens but ultimately declined a multiyear contract from the team. He has remained on the open market since, with the Cleveland Browns offering the most serious interest.

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