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Seahawks shifting toward more no-huddle?

It was messy for the Seahawks, but Sunday's 34-31 overtime loss to the Rams provided Seattle's offense with a real-time lesson.

Quarterback Russell Wilson came away from the defeat impressed with what the team achieved when they shifted into the no-huddle.

"The up-tempo, the no-huddle, just putting pressure on their defense and making plays, that was huge for us," Wilson said after the game, per's Sheil Kapadia. "And it was something I think we've done extremely well for the past three years. ... It's something we may have to consider trying to hop into that if we're having a little bit of a lull."

Football Outsiders notes that Seattle operated the league's second-slowest offense last season, pushing out a play every 29.38 seconds. Only the Cowboys were more methodical, but both squads enjoyed chewing up the clock with run-heavy attacks.

With pass-catching tight end Jimmy Graham and rookie wideout Tyler Lockett looming as matchup nightmares, though, the Seahawks could benefit from a fast-flowing scheme that prevents opponents from properly substituting.

"(It) helps just because it puts pressure on the defense," Wilson said. "It tires them down, especially when you've got a defensive line that can run that well, make plays. It wears 'em down a little bit. Offense is such a rhythm game. Once you get in that rhythm, you continue to make plays."

Wilson unleashed a flurry of quick-strike passes against the Rams, but St. Louis -- having given the Seahawks trouble before -- still pounded the quarterback with six sacks.

They won't face that pass rush every week, but we could see more up-tempo from Seattle after both coach Pete Carroll and coordinator Darrell Bevell, per Kapadia, "liked what they saw."

Week 1 -- win or lose -- generates waves of overreaction. Here's our reaction: We aren't panicked over a Seattle offense with more weapons now than during back-to-back Super Bowl appearances. Fast, slow, whatever the speed -- they'll be there in the end.

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