Seahawks' Jamal Adams 'wasn't bored' in first game: 'I was having fun'

Gregg Williams' offseason quip that Jamal Adams might get bored in Seattle's defense couldn't have been further from the truth in Week 1.

The star safety was all over the field as the Seahawks went into Atlanta and blasted the Falcons in a 38-25 road win.

"I wasn't bored," a smirking Adams said in reference to Williams' remarks, via ESPN. "I was blitzing. I was having fun."

Adams was a ball-hawking blur in the Seattle defense, filling up the stat sheet like it was a game on The Price Is Right. He compiled 12 tackles, one sack, two QB hits and two tackles for loss.

Under Pete Carroll, the Seahawks D had never been a big blitzing unit. But like all good coaches, Carroll played to Adams' strength and unleashed the safety. Utilizing Adams' impeccable timing on the blitz helped bolster a questionable Seattle pass rush entering the season.

Adams believes he was used about the same as in his early days in New York with blitz-happy Todd Bowles at the helm. Far from bored.

"It's about the same, to be honest," he said. "It might have been a little bit more. It reminded me a little bit of [former coach] Todd Bowles when Todd Bowles used me my first two years. But just out there making plays whenever my name is called or my number is called. I'm trying to do whatever I can to help the team win and get put in the best position to get the ball back to [Russell Wilson], because obviously you get the ball back to 3, he's going to make special plays."

After moving from coast to coast this offseason, watching Wilson scorch the Falcons defense for 38 points was a welcome sight after years of seeing Gang Green struggle to find an explosive offense.

"I'm not used to it," Adams said of Wilson and the offense scoring 38 points. "It's exciting. It's exciting to know when we do come off the field we can definitely make our adjustments, catch a breather. For Russ to go out there and do what he's always done, I'm just happy to be a part of this organization. These guys are telling me they're happy I'm here, but I'm really happy I'm here, man."

It's just Week 1, but right away, Adams looks worth the hefty price the Seahawks paid for the stud safety.

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