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Seahawks, Cardinals unsure how to feel about 6-6 tie

One of the most memorable parts about Sunday night's 6-6 tie between the Seahawks and Cardinals was the reaction of each and every player on both sidelines throughout overtime.

No one knew how to feel about a tie, the first one in Seahawks history. And after a few minutes to collect their thoughts, they had no better answer post-game.

"Well that was really an amazing football game," Pete Carroll told the team's official site. "I don't think I've ever been in a tie before, and my brain doesn't know where to go on that. If I have, I don't remember it, I've washed it out."

Added Cliff Avril: "It's my first time ever being a part of a tie. It's like, do you celebrate, do you not? What do you do? We'll just see how it plays out on the back end."

The Cardinals were no more certain, though defensive back Tyrann Mathieu did call the result "upsetting" and that "everyone needs to be held accountable."

In a well-coached defensive game, sometimes that is not the case. Clearly, both sides had issues kicking the football. Stephen Hauschka wasn't comfortable on either of the two kicks he made while Chandler Catanzaro seemed to be rushing to avoid another center hop by Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner.

Perhaps Arizona has a little bit more of a reason to be upset after failing to chip into Seattle's lead atop the NFC West, though both teams could very well end up in the playoffs (we're not going to bring up just yet). With so much time left in the season, it's not that painful to chock up a non-loss to some kicking errors that will likely get rectified in the coming weeks. By then, the kicks will matter infinitely more and so will the wins, losses or ties.

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