Schwartz: Eagles' D scheme 'hasn't been determined'

Forget what he's done in the past. Newly anointed Eagles coach Jim Schwartz is going to run his Philly defense based on the talent around him.

Known for the attacking 4-3 scheme he ran in Detroit and Buffalo, the former Lions head coach made it clear this week: "Just about everything that we're going to do defensively hasn't been determined yet."

"Other than a philosophy -- attack and try to be around the quarterback," Schwartz told 97.5 The Fanatic, per "Exactly how we use each guy is going to be determined on what they do in OTAs, what they do in training camp."

Said Schwartz: "I think you make a mistake if you predetermine, go in with a scheme and say this is what we're going to do scheme-wise. I think the best system is to find out what the players do the best."

And why not? The Eagles were a magnificent disaster on defense a year ago, allowing the third most points per game league-wide under a Billy Davis-led 3-4 look that left a handful of players out of place.

Schwartz pointed to defensive end Vinny Curry as one of them, saying: "I think he was one guy that really wasn't a great fit. He played in that square stance. They played (him) at the line of scrimmage, a lot of two-gap (technique)."

Even if he doesn't know the system, yet, Schwartz has already zeroed in on Curry as a "really hardcore competitor," saying: "I think we can take the handcuffs off him, so to speak, and cut him loose along with the other guys up front."

Consider it good news for Curry -- and for Eagles fans. What Schwartz did in Buffalo two seasons ago flew under the radar. With plenty of talent in the front seven, look for Philly to make a leap on this side of the ball.

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