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Sanders thinks Peyton Manning will return to Broncos

PHOENIX -- Emmanuel Sanders said last offseason he had made it to "receiver heaven" after linking up with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Playing in that paradise earned the wideout his first Pro Bowl trip.

Sanders told Around The NFL on Friday his season was almost everything he dreamed about.

"It's been a good season. Obviously it ended with a Pro Bowl. I wish it would have ended with a Super Bowl," he said. "... I'm out here in my first Pro Bowl and I caught over 100 balls and went for 1,400 yards. I was just fortunate this year that Peyton believed in me and kept throwing me the ball."

Since the season ended, the Broncos' coaching staff has been overhauled, and Manning's return remains a question. However, Sanders isn't fretting about the future despite his success in Adam Gase's offense last year.

"Well, Gase is definitely in Chicago right now," Sanders said. "And Peyton says he's going to come back, but I'm not really worried about it, I really just want to win a Super Bowl. So that is all that is on my mind."

Sanders said his only communication with Manning was a post-season text, but added that he thinks the quarterback will return for another season.

However, if Manning does retire, Sanders believes that Brock Osweiler could fit seamlessly into new coach Gary Kubiak's scheme and help him get that Super Bowl ring.

"Yeah, I think Brock is a quarterback that is on the rise, he's going to continuously get better and I feel like Kubiak's offense fits him really well," he said.

We, like Sanders, are of the mind that Manning will return for at least one more chance at that elusive second Super Bowl ring and put that disastrous AFC divisional game behind him.

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