Sanders hopes for rejuvenated Broncos offense in 2017

Denver Broncos wideout Emmanuel Sanders sees big numbers on the horizon.

The word "pass-happy" was thrown around Monday at the team's facility in Denver despite a bit of a mystery at the quarterback position. Trevor Siemian enters the season as the odds-on favorite, though it's the return of offensive coordinator Mike McCoy who really has Sanders interested.

"I had an opportunity to play in this offense my first year in 2014. I had 1,400 yards," Sanders said via the club's official website. "Hopefully we can simulate that some type of way and put up points and score to help our defense. That is our goal."

Peyton Manning won't be under center, but Sanders' optimism could extend to Siemian. The former seventh-round pick was banged up a year ago and still went 8-6 as a starter with 3,401 passing yards, 18 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Had he made the other two starts, his numbers would have undoubtedly reached the Tyrod Taylor threshold for a low-end Pro Bowl substitute quarterback. How might that have changed the conversation this offseason?

Sanders and Demaryius Thomas might never replicate their numbers from the height of the Manning era, but if McCoy's offense functions as designed, they won't need to. It might be "pass-happy," just not in the way Sanders was used to.

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