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San Diego Chargers GM: Running game has to improve

The San Diego Chargers' running game woes in 2015 led to a sorrowful admission recently from last year's first-round pick, running back Melvin Gordon, even though it wasn't his fault.

But general manager Tom Telesco isn't exactly pumping the brakes and trying to make everyone feel better. Although the staff isn't ready to give up on Gordon -- and they shouldn't be -- they aren't treading lightly when it comes to talking about their failures on the ground.

As Telesco put it Friday, via the San Diego Union-Tribune: "It has to get better."

"I don't think we've ever said (the running game) wasn't important," Telesco added. "We just weren't good enough at it last year."

Per the Union-Tribune, San Diego used more than 20 offensive line combinations in 2015, which could have a disastrous effect on any ball carrier, let alone a running back who was used to riding behind a consistently dominant front in college.

Thankfully, they are in line to get the top non-quarterback position player in the NFL draft now that the Eagles and Rams have moved up to take the top two spots in Thursday's first round.

Telesco talked recently about dealing No. 3, but if the chance arises to get, say, consensus No. 1 prospect Laremy Tunsil (an offensive tackle) do they back out?

Gordon should be treated just like any rookie running back drafted in the first round. Investments need to be made around him to make everything work the way it should and to keep someone with immense talent from losing their confidence. Gordon can feel like he was "terrible" and that he has "something to prove," but he should also understand that the league's 31st-ranked rushing attack (84.9 yards/game) was not all on his shoulders.

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