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Sammy Watkins: Lack of targets makes me look bad

Antonio Brown told reporters on Wednesday that he believed it was time for Steelers quarterback Mike Vick to regularly look his way.

On Thursday, it was Sammy Watkins' turn to call for the (damn) ball.

"That's what I get mad at, when I don't get looked at," Watkins told The Buffalo News. "I can look at film and his eyes go straight that way and I'm not getting looked at, at all. That's when I get frustrated. When I have one-on-one coverage, go to me. I don't care what's going on over there. I don't care if he's open. When I get one on one, just target me."

Watkins looks around the league and sees other No. 1 receivers getting looks week after week.

"Their quarterbacks go to them in every one-on-one situation," Watkins said. "Force the ball. The only things that'll happen are I catch it or knock it out."

Watkins said he spoke with his agent after the Bills' loss to the Patriots in Week 2. His representation then reached out to the team about Watkins' lack of targets. Watkins believes he needs 10 targets a game.

"You came up to draft me and I'm not getting targets -- that's a problem," he said. "You're making me look bad and you're making yourself look bad. Why not make both of us look good?"

There's some obvious frustration on display here. Watkins was brought to the Bills to be an offensive savior, but he's been overshadowed at his position. A series of nagging injuries haven't helped, including the calf issue that's cost him the past two games.

Watkins has the skill level to be an All-Pro star. More targets will help on that end, but he also has to stay on the field.

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