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Sammy Watkins explains how he torched the Dolphins

Turns out Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins knew what he was talking about.

You just gotta get him the ball.

"I live by the film," Watkins told the team's official site after catching all eight of his targets for a career-best 168 yards and a touchdown. "I watched (Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes) in every game from 2-3 years ago and watched how he plays press and doesn't switch it up. So I set it up to keep taking him inside, keep selling it. I beat him inside on the first throw, so I knew when in doubt that he's going to jump inside if I do it. So I double-moved him inside, sold him with my body. He jumped, and I just put my hand up, and Tyrod delivered the ball."

The explanation shows exactly why Watkins needed to be force fed all along. When a team gives up that much for a singular talent, the hope is that he's worth it. Watkins, when he's on, is most definitely worth it.

The win gave the Bills a fighting chance in the AFC East and with a game coming up against the Jets this Thursday at MetLife -- Rex Ryan's long-awaited return to his old stomping grounds -- the team could even up second place.

Though it seems like baby steps, establishing Watkins as an Odell Beckham-type game-in, game-out threat will elevate this team to another level.

Now, Watkins had better get to work on that Darrelle Revis tape.

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