Saints implementing 'new wrinkles' for Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham kills the Atlanta Falcons. He knows it, we know it and the Falconscertainly know it.

In an effort to stem the Graham dominance this Sunday, the Falcons might try to employ some of the tactics the New England Patriots did in slowing down the tight end last season -- namely use a corner and jam the heck out of him on every play.

However, Graham said that coach Sean Payton added some wrinkles to the offense this season to combat that strategy.

"Sean's great with that in the offseason. Always does something new, implements new wrinkles," Graham said, per

The tight end then offered perspective on what worked for the Patriots last season.

"I wouldn't say New England covered me with a corner. I would say they were jamming me on the line with someone who can jam well, and then playing zone behind it," Graham explained. "When you have help over the top and then you've got a linebacker scraping to help and you're getting jammed man to man, it makes the picture cloudy of what you're supposed to do..."

But the Saints are prepared if the Falcons try to appropriate that approach Sunday.

"...It's something that we've worked on this camp, shoring up some of those things and being ready for when teams do that," Graham said. "And Drew (Brees) being the quarterback he is, he finds the open guy. He doesn't key on one guy or two guys, he finds the open man."

With Graham healthy and a newfound speed on offense, the Saints look as explosive as their 2011 juggernaut.

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