Russell Wilson: Seahawks focusing on 'really causing havoc' for defenses in 2021

It's unclear what the Seahawks offense will look like, but it's all but assured there will be some changes in 2021.

With new coordinator Shane Waldron now at the helm, Russell Wilson heads into his 10th season hoping to transform Seattle's offensive approach while maintaining its status as an NFC contender.

During an appearance on NFL Total Access on Thursday, Wilson discussed the pitfalls he hopes to eliminate going into next season. Chief among them? Cutting down the turnovers.

"Obviously, you never want to give the ball up. I think that's something historically I've usually been great at. So, I'm not concerned about that, that's just a fact," Wilson told NFL Network's Kurt Warner. "We've been able to score a lot of touchdowns and do all that but if we can eliminate several of those, I think that'll help. I think also, too, Shane and I, we've been talking this offseason about just really being able to go after it and not be timid about it and just really use all of our players in all different facets, all different ways, really causing havoc for the defense as much as possible."

As Wilson alluded to, Seattle's offense, despite its lukewarm finish to the year, was one of the hottest in the league, finishing eighth in scoring offense (28.7). The veteran QB tossed a career-high 40 TD but tacked on 13 interceptions, which was also a career high.

Both Pete Carroll and DK Metcalf offered their takes in recent weeks on the offense's struggles following its hot start; Carroll cited the lack of a consistent run game while Metcalf believed "teams just started to figure us out." Earlier this week, Waldron, an NFL coach since 2016 but a first-time OC, told reporters that the Seahawks want to be balanced but explosive.

Carroll and Waldron will ultimately be the ones making coaching decisions, of course, but Wilson's relationship with his third OC in 10 years will be vital. And, while the negatives of 2020 may still linger on his mind, Wilson remains confident in the new-look Seahawks' ability to keep cooking once the game plan falls into place.

"I think that moving forward, we want to be explosive on offense, we have to be able to be explosive in scoring. And that's running it, throwing it, that's doing all the things that we want to be able to do creatively and everything else," he said. "But also knowing that, as our defense is playing great too, our offense really has to kick it in too. And I think that there was a bump in the road there where we kinda got dinged up and that kinda messed us up. I started turning it over a little bit more than normal, I'm not a guy who gives the ball away too much and so, I think that was a bump in the road and so, we just have to get back to trying to go for what we know how to do best. Hopefully this season coming up, we can go win that Super Bowl."

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