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Russell Wilson's agent negotiating new deal in Seattle

Deadlines spur action in the NFL world. Monday marks a self-imposed deadline for Russell Wilson.

April 15 is the day the Seattle Seahawks quarterback told team brass he wanted a new contract done or he would cut off talks.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Wilson's agent, Mark Rodgers, has been on the ground in Seattle for the last three days to negotiate with team management, per a source informed of the situation. 

Monday also begins the Seahawks' offseason workout program, hence the reason for the self-imposed deadline by Wilson. The QB reported for conditioning today. The question is what happens if sides don't get a deal done by the goal date?

Would Wilson completely cut off talks and plan to go the Kirk Cousins route, playing the franchise-tag game until finally reaching the free-agent market where he would have even more leverage? Peter King wrote in his Football Morning in America column that Wilson told the Seahawks he won't do a long-term deal in Seattle at all if it's not done by Monday night.

Would the Seattle brass call a bluff, chancing losing Wilson long-term? Would the Super Bowl-winning QB stick to that plan and walk away from the negotiating table for good, even if the Seahawks upped the ante later? Given the team's shift in ownership after the death of Paul Allen, the team might be more willing to reshape contract structure -- if that's what Wilson wants -- after new owner Jody Allen has more time in her role.

If Wilson's agent and the team can hammer out a massive new contract before this deadline, these questions all become moot. If not, they will linger over Seattle like a gloomy April shower.

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